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Archive for March 22nd, 2022


Question 1: Aspen Market Analysis for RTC RTC Skis are virtually unknown in the US, and at $2,000 or more per pair, are clearly a premium product. One central aspect of this project is how do you get the word out, in a concentrated period of time, to meet the goal to sell 1,000 pairs […]

UNV-103 Purpose Plan: Academic, Spiritual, and Career

Assessment Description For this assignment, you will answer a series of questions designed to help you find and plan your purpose. These questions are broken into an Academic Plan, a Spiritual Plan, and a Career Plan. Use the attached document titled Purpose Plan to complete the assignment. This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the […]

Critical summaries

Find and download another paper on the same topic. Download and read: Write 2 critical summaries, one on each paper.   Combine both critical summaries in one file Format for critical summary 2. Full and correct citation of the paper. 3. Introduction: Context of study including the big question asked. What should the  reader know […]

Written Answers to these questions

Submit your written answers to the following questions by End of Day, Mar 23. Your submission should be 3-5 pages double spaced. Post ihere  Periods of inflation require firms to alter their marketing mix. Suppose a recent economic forecast expects inflation to be almost 10 percent during the next 18 months. Your company manufactures hand […]


 On the “Problem Solutions Matrix” resource, the category “Customer Importance” received twice the weight of all other categories. Using what you learned from the study materials, discuss whether this criterion was weighted appropriately and include discussion of other criteria indicated that could be weighted differently. Support your reasoning with relative examples. In response to peers, […]

Reflection: Academic Path

Reflect on the prior five weeks in the course. Please write a 250-500-word reflection using APA Style. In four paragraphs, discuss your: Academic background and your motivation for selecting and attending GCU Program of study or degree Future career goals or plans Although this course may not have necessarily aligned with your field of study, […]

unv 103 Topic 5 DQ 2

The General Education Competencies are derived from the GCU Mission, and are designed to be a guide of general education skills students should gain while attending GCU. Review the General Education Competency list located in Topic 5 Resources. Choose which competencies you think relate best to the GCU Mission. How will these competencies lead to […]

Vertical Market power in online platforms

Recent regulatory initiatives in many countries have sought to address the vertical market power of online platforms such as Amazon Marketplace. What competition issues do you foresee and how might they be measured and addressed? (You should consider vertical market power and the bundling of services that merchants get from the platform provider). The essay […]

Washington & Dubois

1. In Washingtons view, what were appropriate subjects to teach in schools for African Americans? 2. What was the payoff of industrial education? 3. What does Du Bois mean by saying that the object of true education is to make carpenters men and note vice versa? How does that approach differ from Washingtons? 4. Does […]

Lessons from the “Struggle for Social Justice”

From your inspectional reading of Learning as a Way of Leading by Stephen Preskill & Stephen D. Brookfield, what “lessons from the struggle for social justice” do you find relevant to your project? Write a three page reflection paper, discussing those lessons and how you find them relevant.

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