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Archive for March 23rd, 2022


Observing Report Template for PHYS 183 2022 Winter Name: Student #: Date: ——————————————————————————————————————— Please give three designations (or names) of the target observed (i.e. M 101, HIP 101856, The Orion Nebula, etc…). Objects are often included in many catalogs which means that for the same object you will have many different names. For solar system […]


Credit:SAO Observing Report ProjectMICROOBSERVATORY GUIDEPHYS 183 -WINTER 2022 We will be using the MicroObservatory(https://mo-www.cfa.harvard.edu/OWN/index.html) inorder to complete a remote observing session. TheMicroObservatory is anetwork of remote small telescopes that can be controlled by the public overthe Internet. Developed by the Smithsonian Center of Astrophysics, thenetwork is currently in place in theHarvard College Observatory inCambridge, MA […]

Discussion 1 and 2

Discussion 1 -Provide an example of an EHR-based clinical decision support tool from a workplace experience or current online resource. Describe the impact of the decision support tool on the quality of patient care Discussion 2 – Discuss design principles used to facilitate heuristics in a clinical decision support process. Provide a workplace example and […]


GGU – Math 40 Final Project – Spring 2022 Dr. David Fogarty Student Name: Alex J. Vazquez Your Score: ________________________________________________________ THE SCENARIO: You are the Director of Admissions for a large business school. Students seeking admission must take the GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test). You want to gather some inferential statistics about your students’ GPA’s. […]

Statistics Project

I need this statistics project completed. The file is attached. The data set for the project will be made up since the professor said he would not be providing one. The attached file has all the questions that need to be answered and specific instructions. Please return the file completed. Deadline is 20 April. 


FIN/711 v7 Signature Assignment: Estimating Global Risk in Global Decisions Analysis FIN/711 v7 Page 2 of 2 Signature Assignment: Estimating Global Risk in Global Decisions Analysis Suppose you are the Director of Finance at a multinational corporation (MNC) that’s headquartered in the U.S. The cost of capital for this MNC is 12.2%. You are examining […]

Current Events Discussion Forum #4

Intructions: You need to pick ONE of the week’s articles, read it, and participate in the discussion of that article by responding to the leader’s initial post.   I chose the article New Species of Bird, Already Endangered Leaders initial post: New species of birds like the New Caledonian storm petrel are found annually as […]


RISE Model – Copyright © 2013 Emily Wray – www.RiseModel.com Meets Standards Does NOT Meet Standards REFLECTRecall, ponder and communicate discussionResponds to the project/discussion in vague terms by addressing assignment insight into what was recalled EXAMPLE: “I relate/concur/disagree with X because…” OR “I like what you did with X because…” INQUIRESeek information and/or provide ideas […]


3 Embarrassing Examples of Cross-CulturalBusiness Failures Maybe you’ve seen this scene before while on vacation. It usually goes something likethis: a frustrated tourist tries to communicate with a local that doesn’t speak a word ofEnglish. The tourist, baffled by the lack of comprehension from the local, simply speaksEnglish LOUDER and sloooower. The same words are […]

3.2 discussion Pt. 2

When I think of drug-related violence, I think of crimes committed to obtain drugs.  We see in  the movies and on television children stealing items to sell for drugs, drug riddled addicts killing to get their next high or a gang war but not specific to drug trafficking and distribution.  The lack of accurate coverage […]

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