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Archive for March 26th, 2022


For your next major written assignment, you will be performing a rhetorical analysis of the film "Homeroom." Your primary task here will be to describe how the filmmakers make their argument, how they present the things they want readers to believe (i.e., their claims) in a way that they think their audience will receive favorably.  […]

watch movie …. do assignment ….. rhetorical analysis

This is assignment is due tomorrow  You have to watch the movie “Homeroom”  I will provide login you can watch it  Then you must open attachment number 1 and follow the instructions  This is a Rhetorical analysis on the movie 

Reflection Journal

  How can nutrition be used as a complementary method to improve your health? Choose a chronic illness or other disease process and include 3  nutrition-specific recommendations to improve health outcomes for that condition. Please submit at least a paragraph (5 sentences) with correct spelling/grammar. See Rubric for grading.  NOTE;  a zero (0) will be […]

Essay Ch. 1

This is your 3rd year as vice-principal at an elementary school in a mid-sized urban district in northern New Jersey. One of your 2nd grade teachers, Mrs. Rodriguez, has requested assistance in supporting a student in her class. Bryan is the student; his parents Mr. and Mrs. Davis are highly involved in Bryans education and […]


BUS299 M3A1: SWOT Analysis: Weaknesses of your Organization(1st Cavalry Division, Sustainment Brigade) Now we have the beginning sections of your SWOT analysis completed; we have covered the basic background information about your organization along with its strengths. It is time to move into the weaknesses of your organization! Weaknesses are areas where your organization is […]

The Islamic World

Forum: The Islamic World 11 unread reply.11 reply. Based on your readings in this module, answer the following questions. (1) In what ways did Muhammad emerge as a religious and political leader? (2) What are the principal teachings of Islam? (3) In what ways did the Islamic movement fracture and divide? In your response, you […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Mark is a sole proprietor trading as ‘ mark general dealers’,last week he displayed a funky leather jacket in his shop window, with the price marked on it as 5000.00. when Peter visited the shop and expressed interest in buying the jacket for k3000.00, mark stated that he could only reduce the price to k4000.00. […]


ACT 611 Federal Taxation Tax Research Assignment #3 Using the information from Chapter 7 and the tax research resources from Chapter 5 write a tax research memo for the firm’s records (TAX FILE MEMORANDUM). No client memo is necessary. Refer to pages 5-15 through 5-16 for a sample memo format. Use Checkpoint to find your […]


Weekly Assignment – Structure:Week 2 – Project Charter: At the end of week two, you are to create and submit the project charter. This is the first official document to be reviewed and approved by the project sponsor.The project charter will include the following components: · Project title · Purpose · Description · Objective · Success […]


Case Study: East Chestnut Regional Health System History Within the last 10 years, East Chestnut Regional Health System (ECRH) was formed from the merger of three organizations: East River Medical Center, Northern Mountain Hospital Consortium, and Archway Hospital. East River Medical Center (ERMC)  ERMC is the anchor hospital for the system. The medical center resides along the east […]

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