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Archive for March 27th, 2022

managerial accounting

For this assignment, develop a 4 to 6 page response containing written narrative, figures, and charts. Milano Co. manufactures and sells three products: product 1, product 2, and product 3. Their unit selling prices are product 1, $40; product 2, $30; and product 3, $20. The per unit variable costs to manufacture and sell these […]


Client I: Helen Helen is 89 years old. She has lived independently in her own home until now. Last week she fell off a chair in her home while reaching up to clean out the top shelves in one of her closets. She sat with her arm aching all night until morning when she called […]


choose a business/organizatin of interest and complete the  Canvas analysis focusing on 1 bulding blocks of your choice based on your research.  9 building blocks: Customer Segments, Value Propositions, Channels, Customer Relationships, Revenue Streams, Key Resources, Key Activities, Key Partnerships & Cost Structure. 1.5 page Company: Amazon Apa 7th Business model canvas: 9 building blocks: Scalling […]

SOCW 6301 WK 4

If my topic for a research project is LGBTQ people discriminated against from being foster or adoptive parents. What would the gap be? I am not sure what my professor means. Identify the research question in each and provide justification. Identify the methodological approach in each (qualitative, quantitative, mixed methods) and provide justification. have to […]


Select and research a figure from Greek hero mythology, then compare the ancient representation of that figure to two modern representations (e.g. look at Medusa in ancient source material and compare those ancient perspectives to 1) Medusa in the 1981 Clash of the Titans film and 2) Luciano Garbatis 2008 statue of Medusa). Then produce […]


Risk Modelling and Management Assignment (count 50% of the class total mark) The assignment for this class draws on a group task. Learning Outcomes The assignment seeks to test you understanding of, and ability to reflect on, experience relating to:  Modelling to support decision making  Modelling with Bayesian Networks and Influence Diagram Using […]


Describe an opportunity or threat for NVIDIA TECHNOCLOGICAL PART. Use at least one type of evidence to support your position and suggest one way the firm could respond to this trend or situation (i.e. recommended course of action).  Includes one hyperlink to supporting evidence or information


Analytics. Create an analytics plan. How does your company use analytics? How should they use analytics? What are the possibilities in marketing and other areas for the sophisticated use of data? What data is not being used and mined well in your company? Use at least five analytics articles from credible sources, meaning business sources […]


The purpose of this assignment is to identify the traits frequently associated with leadership effectiveness and explore the advantages and disadvantages associated with trait approaches to leadership. For this assignment: · Provide an overview of the leader’s role that includes the following: · Name and title of the leader · His or her specific role/position […]

How volcanic eruptions affect island biogeography

The research paper should be a minimum of 10 pages plus figures and fully cited (minimum 15  references)  following  the  format  of  one  specific  journal.  The  research  paper  will  be submitted before the day of the talk. The following will be evaluated:1) Structure of papera. Introduction consisting of three paragraphsb. Presentation of the tested hypothesis […]

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