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Archive for March 28th, 2022


Lecture Note 4.2: Multiple Sources of Risk Introduction: This note generalizes the lessons we learned in developing models with stochastic volatilty. The techniques we used there can be used to value derivatives with any number of underlying sources of randomness. Once we have articulated the problems, we also have to learn how to solve them. […]


Sheet1 13-Dec-13 13-Mar-07 Maturity yield yield 3 months 0.242291 3.675228 6 months 0.39021 3.785027 9 months 0.48544 3.840341 1 year 0.550016 3.86461 2 years 0.733147 3.852624 3 years 0.985685 3.819241 4 years 1.315265 3.805419 5 years 1.664698 3.809646 6 years 1.993096 3.826016 7 years 2.28233 3.849541 8 years 2.52879 3.876675 9 years 2.735827 3.90507 10 […]


Questions about Snowball Swap Read the HBS case in the packet on “Snowballs in Portugal” and prepare a report addressingthe questions below. On the Canvas site you will find historical data on the 3-month Euriborrate, and on the term-structure of Euro-zone government rates on two different dates. � Question 1. Using data on 3-month Euribor […]

Identify Data Tools in Published Research

  This week you will locate three quantitative studies addressing a topic in your area of specialization. At minimum, two different statistical tests should be represented. For example, you might search the literature for studies in transformational leadership and you may find two that used regression analysis and a third that used a t-test. For […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Please read Case 6.8 – “Nestle: Products That Don’t Fit Cultures” in your Jennings textbook (pages 407-409). After you have read the case, please document a brief summary of the overall case, identifying key organizational concerns. In your analysis of the case, please make sure to highlight the key ethical issues faced and the negative […]


DO YOU AGREE OR DISAGREE, EXPLAIN WHY?Step #1. Begin by first jotting down your responses to the poem. At this point, concentrate on the poem’s emotional effect on you. Step #1 Response:         As with most poetry, I needed to re-read this poem multiple times in order to feel like I even […]


2 – Discussion – Operational Excellence · Chapter 13 (Trends in Information Systems) (Information Systems for Business and Beyond This week the focus turns to the future as we talk about trends in information systems.  Describe the current trends in information systems as well as how technology changes impact society and culture. Your response should […]


1 – Assignment – Operational Excellence Information Systems for Business and Beyond Questions: · Q) Chapter 13– study questions 1-10, Exercise 1, 2, &4 Chapter 13 TEXTBOOK: Title: Information Technology and Organizational Learning ISBN: 9781351387583 Authors: Arthur M. Langer Publisher: CRC Press Publication Date: 2017-10-17 Edition: 3rd ED.

Wk 5b Scott

    Please respond directly to the below classmate post. Minimum of 100 words. The Wall of Silence, also known as the blue wall, is about the unspoken rules that police do not report their fellow officers for anything done against policy, procedures, or the law itself, while on the job. Recruits are taught from day […]


Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Ministry of Education Saudi Electronic University المملكة العربية السعودية وزارة التعليم الجامعة السعودية الإلكترونية College of Administrative and Financial Sciences Assignment 2 Organization Design and Development (MGT 404) Due Date: 03/04/2022 @ 23:59 Course Name: Organization Design and Development Student’s Name: Course Code: MGT404 Student’s ID Number: Semester: Second CRN: Academic […]

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