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Archive for April 2nd, 2022

Gender discrimination in workplace in China

In their term papers, students are required to describe the issues or problems concisely and use concepts or theories introduced in the lectures to critically analyze the social issues or problems from a gender perspective. Students should write their arguments cogently, with the support of convincing data or cases



Methods and Evaluation on joyfulbaker company

This week you will work on the “Methods and Evaluation” sections of your Final Project.  Papers will include: Title/cover page (in APA format) Training Methods Section (focus on the learning event) How are you delivering the training? What are trainees actually doing during the training? What are the trainers doing during the training? Give good detail. […]


2020E M P L O Y E E B E N E F I T S The SHRM Benefits Survey is one of the longest-running annual research reports covering trends in employee benefits in the United States. Each year, SHRM launches the survey to HR professionals across the country to assess the popularity and prevalence […]

minor assignment

For this assignment, please read . After you have read pages 1-16 chose an area of benefits to focus your minor project research on and then answer the questions below. Benefit Plans to choose from (choose 1): Wellness Leave Healthcare Retirement Flexible Work and Work-life Professional Development After choosing one of the benefit offerings above […]

Assignment – Legal Argument – Motion to Suppress

2 paragraph. Identify 2 legal issues in the case. My case is  CASE 2: Rodriguez v. U.S., 135 S. Ct. 1609 (2015)      You can read about the case: https://www.oyez.org/cases/2014/13-9972


Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Ministry of Education Saudi Electronic University المملكة العربية السعودية وزارة التعليم الجامعة السعودية الإلكترونية College of Administrative and Financial Sciences Assignment 2 Organization Design and Development (MGT 404) Due Date: 03/04/2022 @ 23:59 Course Name: Organization Design and Development Student’s Name: Course Code: MGT404 Student’s ID Number: Semester: Second Academic Year:2021-22-2nd […]

Public Health Occupations in KSA

How have public health occupations in Saudi Arabia changed over the last 50 years? How will public health occupations look in the next 20 years in Saudi Arabia? What do you think will drive the changes and why?Please address the topic below: * Background facts and important milestones that mark the evolution of public health […]


Homework Due: April 3rd , Sunday , by 9 pm CST On 1/1/21, Imani and Ahmad formed AI Partnership, a limited partnership. Imani will be the general partner and Ahmad will be a limited partner. He will not participate in management of the partnership but will simply hold the interest as a passive investment. Ahmad […]


A bisexual patient presented to the clinic. With history of panic attack and anxiety. Patient appeared neat and well groomed but was teary during the interview. Patient stated that she was emotionally abused by her mother as a child and sexually abused during her teenage year. The patient reported having anxiety, uncontrollable worrying, widespread worrying, […]

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