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Archive for April 3rd, 2022


GEN104 Quizzes Week 1 – Quiz! Week 1 – QuizStarted: Apr 3 at 4:37pm Quiz Instruc!ons Quiz saved at 5:40pm Outside Reading[WLOs: 1, 3] [CLOs: 1, 3]Prior to beginning work on this quiz, watch the What Counts as Reading? video. Each week you will select somethingto read on your own and read for 2 hours. […]



PSY 375 Project One Milestone Template Select a specialty and target population for your clinic from the Project One Milestone Options document, linked in the Prompt section of this assignment in your course. Next, using the Shapiro Library or other sources, identify a primary source to support your brochure. This source should be a primary […]

Do you agree that individual actions can affect climate change? If not, why not?

  Write at least five substantial paragraphs (300-500 words) in response to the following: Do you agree that individual actions can affect climate change? If not, why not? What role should government play in affecting climate change? Should we be creating more national parks and protected wilderness areas? Why or why not? Be specific. Should we […]


Various authors have proposed identifying different leadership styles as exhibited by leaders in the political,business or other field. using your organisation as a case study, identify the leadership style been towards implementing change and why do employees resist change Also, state the various factors of external forces for change in your selected organisation.


1. Culture and Global Dexterity View and consider the ideas of Andy Molinsky on Global Dexterity as it relates to: History and Geography and Cultural Dynamics in Global Markets. Compose a 200-300-word post for this forum which focuses on one of Molinsky's concepts presented and aptly connect it to concepts presented in Chapters 3 and […]


Communication Notebook 1 Communication Notebook Student’s Name COM200: Interpersonal Communication Instructor’ Name Date . Communication Notebook 2 Week 1: Channels of Communication Step 1 – Describe the findings. (100 to 150 words) – Only this part is due at the end of week 1 I chatted with two of my co-workers – one through messenger […]

Research proposal

  The research proposal should include  Executive summary/Abstract Problem Statement Literature Review / Background of the study Benefits of the study Research Objectives  hypothesis Methodology Topic is the changes in white matters of brain tumors by using DTI MRI and present symptoms of headache among patients.   Background of the study / literature review  1 paragraph […]


In this assignment, assume you are an environmental consultant who has been hired by the owner of a commercial building to conduct an indoor air quality (IAQ) investigation and mold survey. An IAQ investigation can also include an asbestos survey, a radon investigation, and a lead-based paint examination. Some, but not all, of the workers […]


CSU Consultants Contract 21982 University Lane | Orange Beach, AL 36561 Question Response Project Background (What has the client hired you to do? What basic information do you have on the project?) Description of the project Scope of Work A detailed description of the work 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Cost of Radon […]

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