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Archive for April 10th, 2022


PROJECT 2: MEDIA & GRAPHIC ELEMENTS  OBJECTIVEThe purpose of this project is to demonstrate your understanding of the following course concepts: 1. Insert and format graphic elements.2. Insert and format tables.3. Insert and format images.4. Insert and modify charts.5. Insert and format SmartArt graphics.6. Animate Slide Content.7. Insert and manage media.8. Set timings for transitions.9. […]

Wk5: Article Review & Wk5: Strategic Profile Analysis

 Readings: Lafley, A. & Martin, R. (2013). Playing to win: How strategy really works. Boston, MA: Harvard Business Review Press. (read Chapter 3, Where to Play) Magretta, J. (2011). Understanding Michael Porter: The essential guide to competition and strategy. Boston, MA: Harvard Business Review Press. (read Chapter 3, Competitive Advantage: The Value Chain and P&L)  […]

Ma Yansong Urban Architecture Ted Talk

  Architecture Ma Yansong Urban Architecture 1.  What does he say about cubic space? 2.  What was the Mississauga project? 3.  Why did he incorporate a  cloud format in the Lucas Museum? 4.  What does he say he is actually trying to create?

Media & Graphic Elements

Business leaders need to be involved in information technology-any computer-based tool that people use to work with information and support the information-processing needs of an organization. Search the Internet to find examples of the types of technologies that are currently used in the field or industry that you plan to pursue (or are currently working […]

The Five Basic Principles

To what extent do you believe that the United States as a nation follows the five basic principles? The Value of Life PrincipleThe Principle of Goodness or RightnessThe Principle of Justice or FairnessThe Principle of Truth Telling or HonestyThe Principle of Individual FreedomDoes it follow any other principles? Does the addition of these other principles […]

see instruction

1 discuss in detail the three important similarities between job costing and process costing 4-5 sentences Explain the legal doctrine “Benefits Balancing” as it pertains to applying the reasonable standard of care doctrine in the medical fields. Does the defense that a majority of physicians normally do not give a particular diagnostic test in the […]

Brian Garcia Graffiti Culture

  View the TED talk – copy and paste if link doesn’t work.In a paragraph, answer the following questions:How did Brian Garcia transition an art form that was illegal, and transform it into a legal, socially accepted art form?  Consider these points:  How was he initially engaged with graffiti art? What happened to change his […]

Epidemiology class powerpoint presentation. HEALTHY PEOPLE 2020-2030: Mental Health and Mental Disorders, focusing on depression in adults and adolescents.

Rubric for PPT Presentations: Epidemiology is the branch of science concerned with identifying the cause of health outcomes and diseases in populations. Epidemiology has grown and developed into an evidence-based practice used to design interventions to reduce morbidity and mortality in a population. Epidemiology is used to promote health, create public health policy, and aid […]

Marketing plan

Country: Poland Product: Lot No 40 Rye whiskey Company: Corby spirit and wine Limited   The purpose of this report is to develop an International Marketing Plan for the Canadian company Corby Spirit and Wine Limited, producer of the rye whisky Lot No. 40, as means to introduce their product into Polish market. This report […]

South Carolina Constitutional Convention

The state of South Carolina has convened its first-ever Constitutional Convention and you have been selected as a member due to your newfound expertise in the variation in state institutions. Your task is to lay out a plan for 3 major changes you would make to the South Carolina Constitution. Remember, that a constitutional convention […]

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