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Archive for April 13th, 2022


· Maria Sizemore · I have a friend who lives in the country where I grew up that life’s poverty and conflict-ridden. The place is mainly characterized by high unemployment, violence, and general economic and social crisis. The friend is working, but the amount of money she makes cannot support her family, and this is […]

Reorganizing, Managing Change, and Transitions

  Respond to each of the questions below.  Think of a design change that you have witnessed or researched. Evaluate the pace and timing, scope and sequencing, communication, and feedback and learning in the initiative. What would you change about the transition? Choose one of the quadrants of the Competing Values Framework and describe an […]

IP Managerial Functions

This course is comprised of a series of Individual Project assignments that will contribute to a Key Assignment submission at the end of the course. The final Key Assignment is due in Week 5. As a health care department manager, you have 10 employees under your supervision. The attendance policy at your facility requires employees […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Please answer the following questions regarding the implementation and operations of policies: Question 1: What is the essence of policy implementation? Discuss the effect of implementing organizations on policy implementation. Question 2: Describe in general terms the policy evaluation process. Response for each question should be submitted using the text box and be at least […]


Supply Chain Issues from Shenzhen lockdown of 2022 Presenters:  Brittany Green Shenzhen Background The most populous city in China "Technology Hub" of China Supplies most technology companies with product manufacturing Shenzhen lockdown began in March 2022 from Covid outbreak Lockdown halted and slowed manufacturing and supply chain Shenzhen Lockdown Impact Led to many manufacturing plants […]

Homework Assignment

Competencies In this project, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following competencies: Write scripts using syntax and conventions in accordance with industry standard best practices Develop a fully functional program using industry-relevant tools Scenario You work for a small company that creates text-based games. You  recently pitched your design ideas for a text-based adventure […]

Policy Brief

Week 2 Assignment – Policy Brief The public budget evolved over time. The Federal Budget, and how it gets made, is a complex, lengthy process that has important implications for Federal, State, and Local agencies. Obviously, funding for each agency is going to affect that agencys budget. Likewise, federal funding for social programs, for education, […]


For this assignment, select a government entity of your choice, such as a town or community, and develop two deliverables – a paper and a video overview that explain how the organization conducts its budget process. Be sure to include the following in your paper: · Statements of mission, values, policy goals, and objectives · […]

apa format, discussion question , .

an example of a time when you complied with an authority persons demand, despite thinking it was not a good use of your time. Please explain why you did. Then, give an example of a time when you refused to comply; explain why. Your post must be informed by social psychology theory and research.


Collect some quantitative data (if your data from week 1 is quantitative, you can use it). Find the sample mean and standard deviation. Plot it in a histogram. Does the data seem to follow the bell curve of the normal distribution? What features of the data do or do not fit in with the shape […]

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