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Archive for April 16th, 2022

week 2 discussion forum

  Complete your required discussion prompt. Cystic fibrosis is genetic disease caused by mutations in the CFTR gene. The consequence of this is production of an abnormal transmembrane protein that is responsible for producing sweat, mucus, and digestive fluids. Explain in depth the correlation between the defective gene and the abnormal protein that is produced. […]

week 2 discussion 2

  A depressed person attempts to commit suicide by taking a whole bottle of sleeping pills. The pills cause a drastic decrease in the pH. The patient starts having breathing difficulties because the thick and thin filaments within the respiratory muscles are breaking down.  Explain in depth the correlation between the persons pH and why […]


Instructions: After watching “the Batman” 2022: 1. How is the movie relevant to the concept of leading change? (One paragraph) 2. discuss the 8 Kotter’s step change and how it was used in the movie. (1 page and a half) Your analysis will not simply be a summary of the case but would rather focus […]

Discussion (4060) 9

Healthcare in our country has become politicized with a lot of discussion and arguments from both sides on how best to approach it. After reading through the week’s content, discuss your thoughts here. Do you think health care is a right or a privilege? Who should be responsible for paying for health costs? What are […]

The Batman movie

   After watching the Batman 2022:  1. How is the movie relevant to the concept of leading change? (One paragraph) 2. discuss the 8 Kotters step change and how it was used in the movie. (1 page and a half)    Formatting: Total: 2 pages double spaced  12pt  More details in the “Instructions file”




Running head: THE WEEK LEARNING SUMMARY 1 THE WEEK LEARNING SUMMARY 3 This assignment will be submitted to Turnitin®. Instructions Throughout this course, we have examined a variety of different dimensions of diversity, how diversity is represented, what role intersectionality and privilege play in creating and maintaining bias and discrimination, and how we learn our […]


Media and the representation of Others Elfriede Fürsich Contemporary mass media operate as a normal-ising forum for the social construction of reality.They are important agents in the public processof constructing, contesting or maintainingthe civic discourse on social cohesion, integra-tion, tolerance and international understand-ing. Moreover, the media’s power to steerattention to and from public issues oftendetermines […]


1 5 Media Representations of Diversity "The Bold Type" is based on the life of Joanna Coles, the editor in chief of "Cosmopolitan." The show looks at the wild lives and loves of those in charge of a global women's publication. Discovering themselves, maintaining friendships, and having their heart shattered were all problems they faced […]


Annotated Bibliography BEHS 220 Reference 1 Citation in APA format Avraham, E., & First, A. (2010). Can a Regulator Change Representation of Minority Groups and Fair Reflection of Cultural Diversity in National Media Programs? Lessons From Israel. Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media, 54(1), 136–148. https://doi-org.ezproxy.umgc.edu/10.1080/08838150903550469 Key findings (200 words) The article aims to analyze a case […]

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