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Archive for April 17th, 2022

Home and school relations

  Reflection  Discuss these main points. The communication process: Elements of communication, communication, and persuasion, the media’s role in communication, crisis communication. Discuss ways you have used or intend to use chapter information in your career (PE teacher, football and basketball coach)

Cave of Forgotten Dreams and In Search of Human Origins

about 200 words per section number the answers.1. Give a brief summary of the films you watched this week.2. These two documentaries are teaching us about the same topic, but do this in very different ways. Compare the styles of the two documentaries, thinking about the pacing, narration style, and choice of experts to interview. […]


C a p t i v a t i n g t e C h n o l o g y R a C e , C a R C e R a l t e C h n o s C i e n C e , a n d l i b e […]


So you will be reading 7 chapters. The book is called Falter: Has the Human Game Begun to Play Itself Out? (Bill McKibben 2019). Its free on libgen ( https://libgen.is/search.php?req=Falter%3A+Has+the+Human+Game+Begun+to+Play+Itself+Out%3F+%28Bill+McKibben+2019%29&lg_topic=libgen&open=0&view=simple&res=25&phrase=1&column=def ) thats the link if needed. An original “Reading Reflection” of up to 750 words will be your FIRST POST. You’ll use the structure of […]

Network and telecommunication

The task is to cut off some users and keep others accessing the Internet but maintaining access to the printers. Additionally, the accounting department wants to work from home. Present a diagram showing how you would meet the requirement without compromising the security of the data and maintaining a smooth workflow. You should assume that […]


· · Work out Example 1 changing the FRICTION ANGLE to 25 degrees (B=3 NOT 6 as in worked-out example) · Work out Example 2 changing the unit weight to 130 #/cf (c = 2000 NOT 1000 as in worked-out example)

Annoted bibliography of the essay you just wrote me about SARS-COV 2

ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY IInstructions for Part 1: In the table below, replace the sample material with a working title, topic description, and working thesis for your own research project.  Remember that a working thesis (like a working title) is tentative and may change considerably as you develop your paper.Working Title: Achieving Diversity in the Houston Police […]


There are many ways in which businesses accomplish the task of branding and marketing. Almost all of the time, the method used by organizations is dependent on what they are attempting to achieve; in conjunction with other criteria like market positioning, market dynamics, and also target clients-; just to name but a few (Woschnick, 2021). […]


In task 7-3, you will submit five to seven pages that represent a marketing plan for a trend or product (to present to a retailer for adoption). The marketing plan identifies, describes, evaluates, and analyzes the important points that must be addressed to bring a trend or product idea to market. This final paper should […]


Gen 3 The fall=humanity’s fall away from God and into sin. Humans had help in falling away from God. Serpent(蛇) =dragon It is associated with beauty, wisdom, healing, power, magic (美丽,智慧,魔法) But the serpent is a disguise for the devil or satan. 蛇象征着魔鬼 Evil never comes looking like evil, it comes looking like the good […]

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