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Archive for April 19th, 2022

Aligning IT Strategies to Business Strategies

Delta Corporation has been very impressed with the progress it has made with its new product line and the new marketing approach that you recommended and instigated. As a result, it is now considering expanding this approach for its other product lines, providing them with the ability to market and sell all of its products […]


PROPERTY TAXING Find a website that lists the property taxing statutes in the state of Georgia. Cite and explain those parts of the statute that you believe provide a definition of charity.  I suspect you will be challenged to find such a definition or one that is detailed enough to be helpful to a health […]


SPSS Assignment Part II I.  Task 1 One Sample t Test What you will submit for Task 1: One sample t test output for the study below. You want to study the effects of caffeine on memory and you have 30 subjects who are willing to participate in your study. So you give your subjects […]

Stanley Milgram experiment

Describe why you think the participants in the Stanley Milgram experiment overrode their own morals to obey authority. Then explain why people are vulnerable to this behavior. How do you think you would have acted in this experiment if you were a participant and it was conducted today? Be honest.

HR Training Project

How can address the following when thinking about training for customer service   What methods would you use? How and when would you implement them? Be specific in your description of activities using your methods.  Why would the methods you chose to use be effective? How could technology be incorporated into the training? What potential […]


1) Watch one of the videos listed below that you have not already viewed:    Memory and Study Skills Parts I-III (Must watch parts I, II and III) Overcoming Procrastination Parts I-III (Must watch parts I, II and III) Overcoming Test Anxiety 

Marketing Plan

Throughout this course you have explored all of the elements of a marketing plan. Now it is time to put your marketing plan together for the company you selected for your marketing manager internship. Instructions Part 1 General Information and Situational Analysis Section 1 Company Background Describe your selected company or brand.Tell a brief history […]


Heat waste Increasing the temperature wil reduce the dissolved oxygen which the fish are rely so temperature is not increased in water bodies. Bottom Ash : falls to bottom of furnace, larger particles, heavier and it contains inorganic and organics that don’t burn. Fly Ash : Lighter by weight, smaller particles that “fly” up in […]

City of Philadelphia v. Fleming Co., 264 F3d 1245, 10th Cir. (2001)

  In this case the court discusses in detail what a plaintiff in a securities fraud case has to show in order to prevail.  What evidence is required in order to show that the defendant “deliberately” made misleading statements or omissions to potential stockholders.   

Cultural Comparison

Cultural Comparison In this module we learned that most people learn about people, places, and things through mediated representation. Earlier, we learned that whomever controls communication systems, controls perception. This phenomenon is easily seen in representational media platforms such as news. In short, representations have consequences and all representations have a “point of view”. Related […]

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