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Archive for April 28th, 2022

Emergency Management Briefing Presentation

  Communication with the public is a key element of disaster response. In this assignment, imagine you are a new member of a public safety team in the municipal government and youve been tasked with preparing a briefing presentation to introduce emergency management to the community. Create a 5-slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation introducing community members […]

Unit 7: Discovery Research Peer Response GB503

Directions 1. Response posts  0. Select two peers to respond to.  1. Take on the role of a consultant. Read their recommendations thoroughly then provide some rationale as to why you think their recommendations are persuasive (or not).

personnel identity

Step Eight We know that our memories are stored in patterns of neural connections in our brains, and so, in the future, scientists could hypothetically discover the code used by our brains to store memories and use this knowledge to “implant” memories in our minds by rewiring our neurons. In this hypothetical scenario, scientists could […]

women outliving men

  While life expectancy continue to increase, differences exist between men and women. As a general rule, women outlive men, yet there are a few countries where men survive longer than women. What are some reasons females outlive men in the United States and most countries of the world? What are some reasons that men […]


Most of us DID NOT KNOW that is how we get our seafood. When the most sustainable form of whaling involved scaring the hell out of whales, forcing them to beach themselves, and then slitting their throats, I was completely done. I hope we were all thinking, “There has got to be a better way.” […]

Marketing Final

  Building from our  in-class Marketing Plan exercise, please answer the following, based on an on-campus, or nearby to campus cafe.  5 pts What is the name of your business?5 pts What is your brand (think of your brand as a promise) / what does your brand stand for?5 pts What is the personality of […]

300 word Discussion

 This forum provides a final opportunity for you to synthesize and share your learning experience with the class. Reflect on your learning throughout the course and write a list of your Top Three Takeaways. Explain why you chose each concept, how you have utilized it in your own life, and how you think it will […]

Extra Work – Social Entrepreneurship

   Please research online and find some articles on social entrepreneurs and how they are changing the world. A starting point could be the article I listed below: Meet 4 Social Entrepreneurs Who Are Changing the World. June 23, 2015. These innovators have mastered the art of scaling great ideas.   However, you may choose […]

week 1 hw

In this first assignment, you will create a mission and vision statement for Phoenix Hospital. It is important to read the Phoenix Hospital 5-Year Strategic Plan Scenario prior to completing this assignment. Read the . Based on the scenario, complete the Part 1 Mission and Vision for Phoenix Hospital section of the .

Case Study

  Read the Business ProblemSolving Case Study Facebook Privacy: Your Life for Sale in Chapter 4 of the textbook. Answer the questions at the end of the case and use the textbook information to write your answers for support. You can also use external sources to assist in elevating and supporting your answers. Paper Formatting […]

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