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Archive for April, 2022

Module 7

  Overview You are the controller of a public Fortune 500 airline, TransGlobal Airlines. The airline utilizes a fleet of corporate jets for private charter by Fortune 500 clients at several major airports. The company is looking to acquire smaller aviation firms as part of an overall growth strategy. In addition to creating an acquisition proposal, […]

Database Al

In the Final Project, you are to propose a new database system that you will create to meet the data needs of a business or individual personal needs. Share your initial thoughts on the points below. Ask your peers and instructor for constructive recommendations to help improve your thought direction. Describe the proposed new database […]

Module 7- OL620

 Overview: For this task, you will write a short paper addressing the concerns and strategy for executive compensation in a not-for-profit/charity setting.  Prompt: Begin by reading and critically analyzing the case study Nonprofit Executive Compensation: How Much is Too Much?  Then, write a short paper that  answers the following questions:  What are some of the […]

lesson 7

 Design an effective communication and marketing plan to inform the public of the education program.  Integrate the use of social media into the plan.  Make it engaging, exciting, and informative.  Use different media to market the plan.  Be sure to address the audience. 

task 7

 What is Health Communication and Social Marketing Practice?   Begin to gather information and materials to design a thorough plan to communicate the educational program including marketing strategies.  Layout an outline of the plan and materials you will develop. 

discussion d

https://youtu.be/RAooDS_L390 this is the link for the assignment  Discuss what elements you find throughout the video that focuses on the target audience, presents needed information, and serves a community need?  Is the video successful? Is it engaging? What methods can you identify that the video marketer used? 

wk 10 discussion application of FEMA

  Failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA) is an outstanding tool for evaluating potential sources of failure, the possible effects of failure, and mitigation actions that would reduce the consequences of failure for a given process. As a current or future health care administration leader, FMEA is a necessary tool to help your aim in […]

task 7

  As the office manager of a cardiologist practice,  you heard there was a program called Million Hearts that could benefit her patients. Activity You decide to research the Million Hearts project to present to your boss as a benefit to patients.  Using your own words write 500- 700 words in a presentation format about […]

Strategic Management Analysis of NYC Health and Hospitals Corporation

You have been learning about management in healthcare organizations during this course. You have reviewed courses on Leaders & Leadership, Team Building & Communication, Management Process & Planning, and Strategic Planning & Goal Setting. Now it is your opportunity to apply this information in a ‘real life’ scenario. This assignment will allow you to gain […]

lesson 7

  This is a project based course in which you will analyse the case study. You will be doing a piece of your final project during your Lesson each week. The final project will culminate in a 2-Part assignment- a written portion and a presentation. This is a 400 level course. This means the projects […]

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