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Archive for May 6th, 2022

lesson 8

  Activity 1:  Advocating for community health promotion needs Teams work together to decide how to advocate for community health promotion based on the communities they selected for their projects.  Focus on the community and needs identified in the assessment.  Who are the stakeholders?  How does the advocate focus on the needs while including the […]

research method

ASSIGNMENT 1  This assignment consists of writing the core elements for a research project that you already started in the previous sessions.  You must use the Dissertation Proposal Form template, placing your writings in section  II. Research Question or Hypothesis.  Save your document with the filename: FINAL_xxxxxxx (where xxxxxxx is your last name). Task Development […]

week 8 discussion

  1.      Why does the dentist need to have a complete and accurate medical history for a patient? 2.      Compare the frequency and purpose of patient visits to an orthodontist with those for an endodontist. What effect do these differences have on the management and content of dental records? 3.      Computerization of which functions of […]

week 8 assignment

  Melanie Maloney has just taken a position as director of health information services at the Any State University College of Veterinary Medicine. The associate dean to whom she reports has informed her that the college is beginning work on the self-study report in preparation for an upcoming accreditation survey from the AVMA Council on […]

Dissertation Outline

Welcome to Applied Learning Practicum!  Executive format programs have an applied learning component (internship/practicum) that is an integral (essential) part of the established curriculum. These programs require the student take part in an internship (that is offered by the sponsoring employer through a cooperative agreement with the school), job shadow experience, or job reflection experience. […]


topic of the importance of the planning process when writing instructions and procedures (do not use Google or Wikipedia). Choose an article that includes all parts listed in the Article Critique Rubric located on the Moodle course page. Download the file in the attachment below to type in your responses, then upload the completed file.*After downloading the word […]

Research Paper: Supervisory Skills

 Instructions Research Paper: New Supervisory Skills Your research paper is based on the following scenario: You have just taken over as a Shift Supervisor at Fast Fleet Shoes Manufacturing and have a team of 30 under you. Your educational and training level is exactly what you have today. Your teams rotate shifts every 3 weeks […]

Communication Systems

In Chapter 8.4 of the text, the author lays out several action items and practices that can be used to achieve good communication inside an organization. Choose three of the seven practices, and outline a scenario for each describing how that particular practice has been, or could be, implemented in your current organization in a […]

CHMN 679 Discussion Thread: What is the Gospel?

The student will complete one Discussion in this course. The student will post on thread of at least 300 words (maximum of 500 words) by 11:59pm For this discussion, you will create a thread using the following 3 prompts. You must use bold headings for each section of the post. 1. The Gospel: Read 2 […]

Wk 1 – Apply: Statistics Analysis [due Day 7] Wk 1 – Apply: Statistics Analysis

Review the Wk 2 – Apply: Statistical Report assignment.  In preparation for writing your report to senior management next week, conduct the following descriptive statistics analyses with Microsoft Excel. Answer the questions below in your Microsoft Excel sheet or in a separate Microsoft Word document: Insert a new column in the database that corresponds to […]

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