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Archive for May 11th, 2022

Lit -6

  we will discuss accents and dialects in literature. The following are a list of potential authors and works you can use for this assignment. I tried to choose works that you might easily find excerpts online. You are not required to use someone from this list, but this is a good range of different […]

Software -5

  Software systems are not isolated systems but are essential components of broader systems that have a human, social or organizational purpose. Read Chapter 10  and review Lecture slides (posted under week 5), and reputable articles/journals and List and discuss The Sociotechnical Systems Stack.

Information System Management

  Suppose you are the IT manager for an IT company. You receive a report that contains a list of computer equipment stored in the company warehouse. You notice that the list also includes items that you know are not stored in the warehouse. Would you consider this list as good information? Why, or why not? […]

WEEK 2 Term paper

  Week 2 Term Paper Submission Submit a list of five to eight current references, in APA format, that will ultimately be incorporated into your Final Term Paper. Briefly describe the content of each reference and how it relates to your selected research topic. Submit your Week 2 list of references no later than midnight […]


  In Module two, you were asked to describe an issue ADVOCACY FOR NURSING SHORTAGE and you hoped to improve and you created a presentation about the plan. This week, you will present on the progress and results you have made during the past 5 weeks.  Your policy change proposal could have been with state […]

FIN 3400 Chapter 8 Discussion Question

Please find the common stock and the preferred stock of a publicly-traded company and tell me which of the two securities using the dividend discount model is a better investment. You can use  to find preferred stocks For example, Bank of America (Symbol of common stock is BAC) has both common and preferred stock.


  Conduct an assessment on the following body system:  Skin You may conduct the assessment on a fellow student, friend, or family member. Remember to secure their permission. Collect both subjective and objective data using the process described in the textbook. Write a summary of the assessment and the skills utilized. Answer the following 3 questions […]

Debate This: Security Interests – Law firm 1

Paul Barton owned a small property-management company, doing business as Brighton Homes. In October, Barton went on a spending spree. First, he bought a Bose surround-sound system for his home from KDM Electronics. The next day, he purchased a Wilderness Systems kayak from Outdoor Outfitters, and the day after that he bought a new Toyota […]

Shots, Angles, and Movement Sara

Overview: High Noon is a 1952 film that takes place in close to real time, in a single place, on a single day. IMDbs logline (n.d.) says: In the chapter reading, Director Fred Zinneman talks about his wanting High Noon to have a newsreel/documentary look. To do this they chose to use the elements of […]


  Select 1 of the economic concentrations (clusters) below: Seattle-Tacoma-Olympia, WA aerospace / defense industry Central California winemaking industry Hollywood movie industry Silicon Valley technology hub Texas / Louisiana Gulf Coast crude oil and natural gas production and refining Pre-1994 vs Post-1994 US auto and light truck production and the reasons for the change in […]

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