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Archive for May 16th, 2022

Strategic Planning

A strategic plan helps a community or organization move towards their vision of what they would like to be in the future. The strategic planning process typically follows these 5 phases: Analyzing the environment and conducting assessmentsIdentifying organizational direction by visioningFormulating a strategy using goals and objectivesTransitioning to implementation by creating a plan of actionKeeping […]

Business Culture Vs Business Process

Business culture and business processes are different. Describe some of these differences. What are the social impacts of each and how do they increase collaboration? Thoroughly answers all questions and provides examples supported by citations; at least 2 pages in length; includes references (text and outside references) to support your written assignment; additional references other […]

Discussion 2

  Family Diversity and Complexity Families face adversity every day: from struggles associated with the structure of the family unit to cultural or economic problems. Please use your assigned readings and the Library to research peer-reviewed studies to support your post. Please respond to the following: Identify and discuss one problem that a family, individual, […]

Assignment 2

  For this Assignment, you are to utilize the knowledge learned related to applying theories to individuals, families, and groups. You will discuss the concept of resilience, identify a theory, and apply the theory to a social problem. Please respond to the following: Resiliency is a complex concept that is much more than just surviving […]

Unit 1

  Resiliency is much more than just surviving adversity or bouncing back after facing adversity. Please use the assigned readings and the Library to research peer-reviewed studies to support your post. Please respond to the following: What does it mean to be resilient? Create a brief fictional case study of a family, individual, or group […]

nursing ethics

InstructionsNursing EthicsObjective     Analyze ethical issues from the nursing leadership perspective Assignment Overview Research an article for review, you will explore ethical issues and discuss their implications. Deliverables In this written assignment, you will identify an ethical issue in nursing, and analyze the issue from a nursing leadership perspective.  How would you handle the […]

Anatomy 1

Damaged and Aging Tissues Tissues are a group of similar cells that perform specific body functions. There are four primary tissue types: epithelial tissue, connective tissue, muscle tissue, and nervous tissue. These different tissue types work together to form organs and affect the structure and function of the organs they create as well as the […]

Business Value Dashboard

   Please respond to the following: Read the article, Business Value Dashboard Then, find an organization that has adopted a real-time dashboard for its internal use within the last three years. Do not repeat examples from the textbook. Please respond to the following: What are the most important parts of this dashboard? How do these […]

7 – Business Management Concepts

You are the newly-hired CEO of a Fortune 500 company. You have been in this new role for 6 months. During that time, you have had an opportunity to analyze the business operations and assess the overall organizational effectiveness. It is now time for you to present your analysis and findings as it relates to […]


What is the topic of the speech? What type of speech is this? What audience was the speaker targeting? How do you know? Based on your audience analysis, for the audience: Was the speech introduction effective? Why or why not? Did the body of the speech provide all key points as well as supportive evidence? […]

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