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Archive for May 17th, 2022

Respondeat Superior

Debate This: Respondeat Superior Lynne Meyer, on her way to a business meeting and in a hurry, stopped by a Buy-Mart store for a new car charger for her smartphone. There was a long line at one of the checkout counters, but a cashier, Valerie Watts, opened another counter and began loading the cash drawer. […]

Learning Styles

 My Smarter Measure result learning style is visual. List the top three learning styles (visual, verbal, social, solitary, physical, logical, and aural) . Remember that your study methods will be most effective if you incorporate multiple learning styles crafting a more dynamic learning experience.  Describe the specific ways you will incorporate all three into your […]

Personal Bankruptcy

Debate This: Personal Bankruptcy Three months ago, Janet Harts husband of twenty years died of cancer. Although he had medical insurance, he left Janet with outstanding medical bills of more than $50,000. Janet has worked at the local library for the past ten years, earning $1,500 per month. Since her husbands death, Janet also has […]

theoretical week 2

  Making judgement as to whether a theory could be adapted for use in research is very important.  Describe the internal and external criticism that is used to evaluate middle range theories. Please include 400 words in your initial post by Wednesday 23:59pm with 2 scholarly references. 

Discussion wk 2 response 1

1. Which modifier is exempt from being used in the Medicine section and why? 2. Please give an example of a code and guideline used in this section. Reference Carol J. Buck, Saunders (2022).  Step-by-Step Medical Coding, 2022 Edition, by Carol J. Buck, Saunders

EDU-561 Finance and Funding in Education

   For this assignment, you will read the appropriate case study applicable to your educational level and complete the requirements. Choose your case study below: Case Study #1. Lake Forest City Schools. K-12 School Division You are the Vice President of development at a Lake Forest City Schools (LFCS). The school district is over 75 […]


MAIN POST For this discussion complete the following readings. Then, answer the three questions that follow in a separate paragraph for each question. The Norton Field Guide Chapter 47 (pp. 479-488); Chapter 48 (pp. 489-510) Little Seagull Handbook Section R-1, “Doing Research” First, review the readings carefully. In one paragraph, share a tip or fact […]


Your author notes on page 117:  “in the complex project landscape effective integration requires management approaches that allow for a flexible creative and adaptive approach by the project team in response to the changing characteristics of the project, organization, and cultural environment and the dynamics of the organization”.  This week you learned about process groups […]


  Discussion: System Implementation and Maintenance Considerations Consider the Millennium Health project that you have been working on throughout the course and provide answers to the following prompts based the Business Support System (BSS): Which installation strategy would you recommend? Support your answer with an explanation. List three or four testing criteria that you would […]

Discussion 1 Response 2

Submit a meaningful reply of 400-450 words to the below post.  Demonstrate analysis, and synthesis of all course materials, tact, and insight. For each reply, reference the textbooks (chapter 1 attached), at least 3 journal articles, and the correlated thread.  Adhere to current APA format in all posts. Note that management techniques must not be […]

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