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Archive for May 31st, 2022

chp 6

This week, you will need to find a recent article on the web that is related to one of the topics that are mentioned in the assigned chapter in your textbook. Once you choose an Internet article on this week’s topics, you need to: 1.Post a summary of that article including all needed background information […]

Assignment- Survey Method and Questions

 This assignment consists of two parts.  Part 1) For each of the quantitative research objectives listed below: Identify variables to be measured. Develop a minimum of four (4) sample questions to be included in the questionnaire. Identify how each question will be scored. Identify the level of measurement for each question. Recommend a method of […]

Major Depressive Disorder

The essay question requires the use of a primary source – a peer reviewed article detailing the results of a relevant study. To demonstrate your understanding of empirical research, you will want to report an explanation of the numerical data retrieved from the article you’ve chosen. Please be sure to cite your source(s) and to […]

How Do I Become A Successful Web Designer?

Web designing is a very challenging field. To become a successful provider, you need to have the following skills. You need to learn web design theory. It contains everything you would need regarding creating attractive and colorful websites. Learning key web tools like Photoshop, WordPress, etc., are also really important if you want to become […]


Examining the history of student affairs, there has been a shift within the profession from in loco parentis (in place of the parents) to student services towards student development and finally to student learning.  Question: In your opinion has the student affairs profession truly shifted away from all of these philosophies towards a singular philosophical approach or […]

Wk 4 Annotated Bibliography (Kim Woods Only) Due in 1 day -> Urgent

Read all pages carefully, selected topic, intro & must be follow format according to Sample Paper (3-3 Para each Article)             Must be 100% Original             I hv already attached Articles, u must be use this 3 articles for Annotated Bibliography 

Sage : Reverse a vendor payment

   This article portrays the distinctions between switching, erasing, voiding, and dismissing an installment. Furthermore, it makes sense of the two strategies for switching a seller check. Every so often, after a seller installment has been posted, the installment should be switched. Inversion varies from erasing, voiding, or dismissing an installment. You can erase an […]

Prisoner Right 5.2

 In the 1990s an inmate that was HIV-positive had it noted in their medical file. By court order, these notes had to be removed to protect the inmates rights. If a correctional staff member had a potential exposure they would not know if the inmate was HIV-positive or not. Should the staff member have a […]

Race and Ethnicity 5.1

 In thinking about the readings and videos presented in the unit, why do you think Latinos/Hispanics became and still remain targets of racists?  Please research and discuss three (3) reasons in detail and include in your discussion the role of white supremacy.  

Module 2- Scholarly Writing – Discussion Question

Visit the Aspen University Nursing Student Caf. Go to, Content, then APA Formatting, and thoroughly review the APA Tip Sheet from Owl, as well as the Purdue Online Writing Lab. Share with your classmates three things to remember from each item. It is suggested that you save the APA tip sheet from OWL for regular […]

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