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Archive for June 3rd, 2022

week 1 (Farley) 100 positive response due tomorrow 06/04/22 @ 5 pm

  What did the practitioner do well? In what areas can the practitioner improve?             There are several strategies the practitioner used well in the YMH Boston Vignette 5 video with the male adolescent presumably suffering from depression.  These include the practitioner applied a relaxed, interested, and non-confrontational approach.  Though the practitioner initially chose interview […]


APA style,  Your responses to these prompts should be 2 pages.  1.In your own words describe Theory of Mind (TOM) and how it develops for typically developing children.  2.Explain what you understand about the controversy surrounding TOM for individuals with Autism (note: you will not be able to answer this question without having completed all […]

Week 1 (perez )response. 100 word respond to attached below. Due tomorrow 6/4/2022 at 5pm

  Based on the YMH Boston Vignette 5 video, the practitioner did well in her approach to the adolescent client, such as asking why he is there with an open-ended question, as well as inquiring about the clients condition with specific questions addressing depression and anxiety, while allowing moments of silence to truly listen to […]


How have your life and professional experiences prepared you for the WGU PMHNP program?  How can the WGU PMHNP program prepare you to deliver mental health care to the community in which you live?   Please describe the type of clinical practice you will pursue upon graduation from the WGU PMHNP program (e.g. outpatient psychiatric practice, […]

Pain Assessment

Identify a family member or a friend, not a client, and conduct a pain assessment including the following: Location Duration Quantity Quality Chronology Aggravating factors Alleviating factors Associated phenomena Write a summary of your assessment and identify two non-pharmacological nursing interventions that you might recommend.

PowerPoint presentation (minimum 8 slides)

Prepare a PowerPoint presentation (8 slides minimum) that presents a synopsis of an article from a peer-reviewed academic journal. The article should focus on organizational leadership and will be integrated into your capstone research paper. The article needs to have been published within the past 10 years.  Note: Article Link: https://globaljournals.org/GJMBR_Volume15/1-How-Effective-Leadership.pdf  

Creative Project

Please respond with your Creative Topic before doing assignment so I can submit topic to the Professor to see if she approves the chosen topic. Creative Project The creative project allows students to do just that- be creative. Students are tasked with constructing a piece of literature that inspires thoughtful discourse about a facet of […]

hummanities 3

  CompetencyFormulate, express, and support individual perspectives on diverse works and issues. InstructionsYou will act as a critic for some of the main subjects covered in the humanities. You will conduct a series of short, evaluative critiques of film, philosophy, literature, music, and myth. You will respond to five different prompts, and each response should […]

Humanities 2

Develop a vocabulary for criticizing, evaluating, and describing works of art. Instructions For this competency, you will assume the role of a critic. View each piece of work listed below and analyze it as a piece of art, identifying key elements of the work and using terminology common to the discipline. Using a few concise […]

Research Methods in health care chapter 5

Chapter 5: Designing Research1. Find an example of an abstract from an empirical study in your field. Critique the abstract based on the five elements of an abstract as covered by the text. What elements are present, and what elements are missing?2. What is the deficiency model of an introduction? Discuss how using this model […]

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