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Archive for June 4th, 2022

professional development plan

In a Microsoft Word document of 4-5 pages formatted in APA style, develop a strategic plan to aid your transition into the role of a professional nurse. In your paper, address each of the following criteria: Discuss factors influencing your decision to obtain a BSN degree.Discuss how the role of the baccalaureate differs from your […]

Global Strategy and Policies

Think of an industry with well-defined strategic groups. What two dimensions do you believe contribute to the formation of this groupings.  Discuss the relative positioning and membership of each of the groups you believe exists within the industry. Is one of the groups more profitable than the other. Why? I want the company to be […]

World War 1

  To hone your abilities to research using scholarly sources To advance critical thinking and writing skills To compile a response to the prompts provided To explore a historical topic and make connections to change over time   Trace the origins of World War I, and assess if the world war was inevitable in 1914? […]

Probability & Normal Distribution Excel & Word Document

On a spreadsheet should have 20 “height” values listed below, along with my height of 64 inches as the “x” value. And then remember, you’re going to find the mean and the sample standard deviation. Give us a background. People that you chose maybe come up with an Excel spreadsheet. Where do you have? You […]

OSH 3304 Unit I Assignment template

Please view attachments   Complete the   . The instructions are provided in the presentation. Please be sure to save the presentation to your computer first in order to edit the presentation, and add your responses in the notes section for each slide. 

week 7

Week 7 Assignment – Case Study: Environmental Ethics Introduction Read the following case study and respond to the question below.In April 2010, the BP Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded, killing 11 workers and spewing four million barrels of light crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico. It was the largest oil spill in U.S. history […]

Reflection: Re-Assess Baseline Fitness (Discussion Question not a paper)

THIS IS A SHORT SUSPENSE ASSIGNMENT. WILL NEED AN ANSWER BY END OF DAY (Korea Standard Time). Will accept a bid increase if necessary and reasonable. Utilizing the attached baseline fitness assessment (FW4001) and the reassessment fitness assessment FW4006) (both attached to this question): write a reflection to:  Analyze your own perceptions of reassessing physical […]


Some Physicalists are functionalists. They diagnose the dualists mind/body problem by employing the distinction between software and hardware. They hold that dualism is the result of mistaking the software description of what the brain does for the existence of some special nonphysical spooky stuff lurking inside the body. Defend or criticize this solution to the […]


For this weeks journal entry, write a two to three-page, single-spaced (no title page) journal entry of 600 to 1000 words regarding your leadership style for the week. Discuss your strengths. Discuss your energizers. Discuss your challenges. Discuss your work-related emotional intelligence.

Plan Of work

Write 4 short Paper Write the steps you will take to write the paper What? Who? Where? How? Why? when? Paper I Topic : Aliens Need Our Help Paper II Topic : Candy that falls apart before you eat it Paper III Topic : Water well that never dries Paper IV Topic : Self cleaning […]

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