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Archive for June 5th, 2022

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Select and watch a movie that depicts difficult or different methods of communication between individuals with a disability or with other special needs.  An example of this would be the 2003 movie Radio with Cuba Gooding Jr. There are many ways to view this movie on Netflix, HBO, Amazon, etc. First, provide a short summary […]


 Write a mock email to the executives in your company, bringing up a reallife, major issue facing your company or industry today. In the email, describe what the issue is, what scenario planning is, and how it could help your company or industry prepare to deal with the issue.  Company is Elavon

Unit 2 AS2: Annotated Bibliography

This Annotated Bibliography assignment asks students to find and evaluate four credible, peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles on their research topic.  See the attached document for detailed instructions. *Topic chosen for research* Race and ethnicity in unemployment and high rates of crime in America The ideal sample for the research will be the African American population […]


Watch the last half hour of the program. Researchers purport to frame their messages in a truthful, ethical manner. Discuss whether these tactics for research and message framing are in fact truthful. Explain in detail citing specific examples. The Persuaders

Discussion 4-Initial Post

Complete Exercise 14-1 page 347 in the 5th Edition in the textbook. Complete Exercise 15-2  page 371 in the 5th Edition Complete Exercise 15-3 page 387 in the 5th Edition In a Word Document, address the following questions: Do you consider yourself to be a good delegator? Why or why not? Discuss the role of […]

Deliverable 7 – Leadership for Organizational Effectiveness

Deliverable 7 – Leadership for Organizational Effectiveness Assignment Content Competency Create a leadership landscape to increase personal and professional success. Implement motivational principles to influence higher performance. Implement leadership essentials to drive organizational effectiveness. Analyze the leadership skills needed to create a global business strategy. Apply management essentials to effectively manage change in an organization. […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Include a title page, abstract, and table of contents. Provide cases and examples to support the following topics. 1) Identify and discuss the steps necessary to make electronic evidence admissible in court. 2) Identify various crimes and incidents that are involved in electronic forensic investigations. 3) Discuss the importance of security and computer use policies. […]


Label both parts Part 1 Answer question :Consider what you’ve learned about research ethics. How did the 3 Identical Strangers research violate research ethics? Was it worth the risk/impact? Why or why not? What could the researchers done instead? Your response should include a minimum of FIVE sentences. Part 2 You must comment respectfully on […]

Day of Compassion

  To complete this assignment, choose a day that will be your “Day of Compassion” and try your absolute best to live each minute of that day as compassionately as possible. In other words, for a full 24-hour period you should do your best to reduce suffering of others, help those in need, be considerate […]

Fire Science

Unit 2 Assignment: Impacts on Modern Fire Research The fire service is no different than any other profession in that the use of technology is improving and helping us to do our jobs in a safer more efficient manner. These advances in technology are being driven from both military applications such as thermal imaging and […]

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