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Archive for June 7th, 2022

Response to Danays w5 hpromot

 Health Promotion Discussion OutlineResponsibilities and Duties of Community Health Nurses (The Nurses Rol) Community health nursing revolves around various concepts such as healthy living promotion, disease prevention, and health problems, rehabilitation, medical treatment, care delivery evaluation, and systems of prevention as well as research on in-depth health of the community and wellness. A community nurse […]


  Review the . Prepare a project charter as a 9- to 12-slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. Your charter must: Describe the project stakeholders. Describe the project and its value to the organization. State the project scope. Provide an estimate of the project schedule. Provide an estimate of the implementation budget, not the monthly operation fees. […]


 On pages 525 529 of the Fieldbook there is a section on building community by Juanita Brown, Bryan Smith and David Isaacs. Read this and discuss the ideas that might help in building shared vision and team learning in an organization. What might work in your organization? Do you think of action research or action […]

Response to Yoslaine w5 hpromot

 METHODS OF DATA COLLECTION: Identify the Three Methods by which Nurses Obtain Community Assessment Data. Community assessment data may be gathered in a variety of ways by nurses. For the fullest picture of a community in terms of health, nurses generally combine many different methods. The most apparent source of community knowledge is the government […]


  Imagine your team has been selected to consult for a community health care outreach organization that cares for homeless and low-income individuals. Because of the transient nature of these individuals, it is nearly impossible for them to maintain a comprehensive and easily accessible medical record. Your organization believes that personal health record (PHR) technology […]


Formal Proposal Submission Guidelines: The Formal Proposal for your project should include revised versions of the elements listed below. Title Page Statement of your Research Topic (present this as an Abstract, see the APA manual for Abstract formatting and placement) Research Question to be answered Literature Review – Remember: The header preceding the literature review is the […]

Orders template

  Please note the template added is almost complete Please add supporting literature with 4 references/ Citations APA style Using the Required Admission Orders Template, write a full set of admission orders for the patient in the branching exercise. Be sure to address each aspect of the order template Write the orders as you would […]

Health Centers 300-500 words NO PLAGERISM

  Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), often referred to as community clinics, are the first line of care for many patients. Analyze their target population and explain how they offer patients a financial motivation to receive care at an FQHC. Resources Alba, A. D., Britigan, D. H., Lyden, E., & Johansson, P. (2016). Assessing health […]

Nursing theory

1. Your community is at risk for a specific type of natural disaster (e.g., tornado, flood, hurricane, earthquake). Use Nightingales principles and observations to develop an emergency plan for one of these events. Outline the items you would include in the plan.  2. Using Nightingales concepts of ventilation, light, noise, and cleanliness, analyze the setting in which you are practicing nursing […]

Business plan

BUSINESS PLANOWNERS:Business Name:Address:City, State, ZIP:Telephone:Cell Phone:Fax:Email:I. TABLE OF CONTENTSI. Table of Contents[page 1]II. Executive Summary[page X]III. Business Description[page X]IV. Market Analysis[page X]V. Marketing Plan[page X]VI. Operations and Management Strategy [page X]VII. Competitive Analysis[page X]VIII. Development Plan[page X]IX. Financial Statements[page X]X. Attachments[page X]II. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY{Name of store} will be a retail establishment shop that will sell […]

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