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Archive for June 11th, 2022

Post Adventure

Read the Post Graduation Adventure case on p. 154 in Ch. 5 of Project Management: The Managerial Process and submit an APA paper for the following Note: – As a hint, you should have an intro paragraph, 3 sections in the paper body (1 for each question at 200 words for each question) and a […]

Module 11

 Online banner advertising and outdoor display advertising both use images to try to increase sales. In planning, both need to consider placement so as to be seen by their most likely audience. What are the key differences?  1 Content Page) APA format. References class: MAR 3023

The stress of being a student

   Topic: The Stress of being a student Objectives: 1. Examine the strengths and professional development requirements that are core to the competencies and characteristics of a group counselor. 2. Describe the goals and appropriate uses of the various types of groups in the practice of counseling. 3. Examine the legal and ethical issues relevant […]


 Prepare Text-Based Questions across Sources (100 points) using the following guidelines: Read page 102 from the Mississippi ELA Curriculum Guide (available at https://districtaccess.mde.k12.ms.us/curriculumandInstruction/MississippiCurriculumFrameworks/ELA/2016-MS-CCRS-ELA.pdf and copied into Canvas.   Go to https://www.sunsigns.org/famousbirthdays/d/profile/ruby-bridges/ and study the information about Ruby Bridges. Go to http://teacher.scholastic.com/activities/ruby-bridges/ruby-bridges-for-kids.htm and study the three sections on Ruby Bridges. Pay particular attention to the images […]

Listen to Door Dash and answer these questions in about 200 words:

  1. What was the problem? 2. How did technology allow this product to exist? 3. Have you ever used Door-Dash? Why?  4. Based on the founders plans for the future from the time Door-Dash was started do you think they have been able to realize that vision?


Overhead application to costs is a critical issue for the costing of your products. We are studying several ways to handle this situation. Describe overhead and the overhead application process. What would cause an overhead to be overapplied, or underapplied. Discuss the results to your decision making and the financial statements for each of those […]

Forming your team

Introduction Throughout this course, you have learned what steps you will need to take to put together a successful team. You will use your knowledge about each step of the team-building process and its significance in a final report for your VP. You will explain what makes teams important and effective. This assignment gives you […]

Discussion 10

PART A  Please respond to the following: Compare and contrast the lean service system found within Southwest Airlines to a full-service airline such as United Airlines, British Airways, and other large carriers in terms of cabin service, boarding process, baggage handling, and service encounters. Recommend ways for the airline carriers to improve their lean operation […]

PowerPoint presentation (minimum 8 slides)

Prepare a PowerPoint presentation (8 slides minimum) that presents a synopsis of an article from a peer-reviewed academic journal. The article should focus on organizational leadership and will be integrated into your capstone research paper. The article needs to have been published within the past 10 years.  Note: Article Link:    Please also include presentation […]

Managing Risk -Security Vs. Opportunity

Reflect on the 3 competencies of this course. Consider how they might directly apply to your life and work environment when answering the questions below in a minimum of 750 words.  Competency 1:  You will conduct risk analysis. Competency 2:  You will recommend a compliance plan to mitigate risk. Competency 3:  You will apply mitigation […]

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