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Archive for June 12th, 2022

Assignment 4

Gender and sexuality concepts. Social and political context. Social determinants of health affecting lesbian, bisexual and transgender individuals. Barriers to health care. Health care disparities. this paper is to better understand gynecological health care for lesbian, bisexual and transgender individuals. Define and describe for lesbian, bisexual and transgender individuals.


  I am working on an internal control project for my auditing class, and need some assistance on how to create a new system to handle in-store customer returns. Attached you will find the project requirements, along with the case. I think I’ve answered the 1st and 2nd parts of the project correctly, but would […]

Family perspective

Part 2: Observation of family and child in education or therapy setting Observe the parent/family and child in an educational or therapy setting. The purpose of this exercise is to observe the interaction with other professionals, the child, and the family. During your observation, pay careful attention to the following: Communication styles Collaboration styles Invitations […]

Health Promotion: Prevention of Disease

Discussion:  OBESITY: Identify special considerations that would influence care planning for special groups in the community, religious considerations, or a patient’s family dynamics, propose interventions such as Nutritional Education and Counseling for Health Promotion.  Word limit 500 words.    Make sure to provide citations and references (in APA format)  


 Read about the attorney-client defense privilege as described in this modules Learning Resources. From an ethical standpoint, in at least 350 words, explain whether or not you agree with the rule/privilege. Support your stance with scholarly research. 

MKT 222 6-2 case study

Read the Case Study “Enhancing the In-Store Experience through Facial Recognition Software” on page 489. In a two-page assignment discuss how the technologies mentioned in this case study aid retail buyers, merchandisers, and marketers in merchandising planning objectives to better manage the in-store experience. What other technological advancements or management software systems are being used […]


  Purpose and Outcomes Traditionally historians employed terms like Old and New World in ways that implied the superiority of one civilization over the other. The Old World was civilized, ancient, connected, and understood. By contrast the New World was unknown, primitive, and discovered. Fortunately those understandings faded while more sophisticated ideas replaced them. James […]


  Discuss the pros and cons of capital punishment. Explain ethical and social justice issues related to capital punishment. Explain whether you support the use of capital punishment and why or why not. In your explanation, include how ethical and social justice issues informed your argument. Your speech should be supported by research from at […]


 Of the following illness: 1- Chronic Heart Failure. (3 differential diagnostics and the most helping tool test for this illness).  2-Diabetes Mellitus. (3 differential diagnostics and the most helping tool test for this illness).  3-hypothyroidism. (3 differential diagnostics and the most helping tool test for this illness).  4-asthma Bronchial. (3 differential diagnostics and the most […]

corporate culture and change

   Using this week’s readings, learn about corporate culture and change.  Share one aspect that is important to you and explain it based on research. (Research Support Required)  Assess what skills you possess that would support you as a change agent. (Research Required).  What would you change in your organization (past or present)? Next, share why […]

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