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Archive for June 13th, 2022

interpersonal communication

What have you discovered about perception and perception checking? Once you have read sections 3.1 Perceiving and Presenting the Self and 3.2 Improving Self-perception and the Perception of Others, you’ll be ready to view the video “The Dangers of a Single Story”. Pay close attention to the following while you watch the video, as you […]

Cold War

  Anti-Communist Freedom Fighters Strategic Defense Initiative (nicknamed “Star Wars”) Vietnam (conflict) War   Explain how each of your choices was an effective policy to thwart international communist expansion. Based on your selections, analyze if the United States should have feared international communist subversion during the Cold War era (1945-1991).

Medicaid Expansion 8- to 10-page document. NO PLAGRISM

  Read the following article:                         Complete a detailed case study analysis of the given case, using the process described in  in your course textbook Strategic Management of Health Care Organizations. Your completed case study analysis report will include the following sections: Executive summary Key issues                         Situational analysis Strategy formulation Recommendation Implementation strategies Benchmarks for success and […]

Dream Of KING

  Using the Internet, locate and read Martin Luther King Jr’s “I Have a Dream” speech given in Washington D.C., August 1963. Copy and paste the following keywords into your Google search bar: “I Have a Dream by Martin Luther King, Jr.” Feel free also to locate and incorporate additional scholarly sources to respond to […]

Affordable Care Act (ACA) 300-500 words. no plagiarism

  Select an actual hospital and explain why uncompensated care (UC) is such a large problem for this type of facility. Why do some experts worry that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) may not mitigate the problem of UC at these facilities? Resources               Beherec, S. (2015). Uncompensated care: Weighing […]

Investing in My Future Assignment

Finance is exciting! In this course, we learned how money can grow through the use of compounding and interest rates and your growth strategies may now be different. For this assignment, develop a summary and a 23 page paper. This summary will help you develop your paper. Begin writing your summary by responding to the […]

For a literature review of a capstone project I need to find 45 original articles / journals related to my capstone. Articles have to be original and less than 3 years old.

   What I need for this task: For the literature review of the project, I need to find 45 original articles/journals related to my capstone project. Articles to be obtained from databases like Cinhal, Pubmed, Cochrane, Eric, Gale, Medline, Embase, ETC. Articles have to be original and less than 3 years old. I need either […]

Week 11 Assignment 11.1: Community Health Promotion Programs Start Assignment Due

In this writing assignment, you will research the health-promotion resources available in your community. Step 1 Research the top 5 causes of mortality for adults or children in your state. Select one of the top 5 causes that is partially or fully preventable (heart disease, car crashes, homicide etc. )


  1. After reviewing all of the motivational theories of this chapter, select the one you believe to be the most accurate in describing human behavior. Justify your selection and describe how the motivational theory would explain the actions you have taken in your own life.  This is to be in narrative form. Bullet points […]

Week 11 Discussion: Shifting Nursing Practice to Health Promotion and PartnershiPs

Step 1 In your initial post, due Wednesday at 11:59 pm Mountain Time, answer the following prompts: Describe an example from your practice or your own healthcare experiences in which there has been a shift from the medical model of disease prevention to health promotion in health care. Describe the shift from the individual to […]

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