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Archive for June 16th, 2022

Case Study

  Marilyn owns land that she acquired three years ago as an investment for $250,000. Because the land has not appreciated in value as she anticipated, she sells it to her brother, Amos, for its fair market value of $180,000. Amos sells the land two years later for $240,000. Explain why Marilyns realized loss of […]

Substance Abuse

Write a paragraph describing your possible reactions to your patient who misuses substances. a. Would your response be different depending on the substance (e.g., alcohol versus heroin or marijuana versus cocaine)? Give reasons for your answers. b. Would your response be different if the person were a professional colleague? How?

week 3 assignment

 How do you ensure quality in health services organizations? What tools might a health care administration leader use to ensure quality measures are present in a health services organization? As a current or future health care administration leader, your understanding of how to use and implement appropriate tools for quality in your health services organization […]


   7-1. STRATEGY IMPLEMENTATION. The successful implementation of selected formulated strategies is not without challenges. If you were an experienced strategist for the UIW, what five recommendations would you propose to the university president that would help ensure success in implementing the university strategies? 7-2. STRATEGY IMPLEMENTATION. Some head football coaches get paid millions, presumably […]


  Book Review Option #1 Fung, J., & Moore, J. (2016). The complete guide to fasting: Heal your body through intermittent, alternate-day, and extended fasting. Victory Belt Publishing. Book Review Option #2 Murrow, D. (2020). Drowning in screen time: A lifeline for adults, parents, teachers, and ministers who want to reclaim their real lives. Salem Books.


watch the you tube video on the link below and follow the instructions on the other link to answer the question on textual analysis.   -MLA Format -just 3 Paragraphs -1 page Due date 18/06/2022 https://youtu.be/n_SIxq7qajs (A dangerous game: THE TRUTH ABOUT YOUTH SPORTS) https://occc.zoom.us/rec/play/WVz1O_Sul67GQ9h11BDNjC3b3T9F98nm4Uyzb-GU21fNAOdkGpMJycZl5GcksPvKF1QWRmj_UWm8hXyb.p2xKJ_xp85YHaPnQ?startTime=1655254116000&_x_zm_rtaid=zzz5gevkRuySXigToMW-yA.1655418048931.6185793eec617e9901bd9d0b525ef920&_x_zm_rhtaid=453

Introduction to ANOVA

The Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) method is the most popular and highly used statistical technique by researchers. Like T tests, ANOVAs are used to compare the means of groups for a given independent variable to determine whether they are statistically different from each other. However, T tests can only compare two groups. ANOVAs allow you […]


 Strategic Planning: Case Study Overview: In conventional business and government megaprojects–such as hydroelectric dams, chemical-processing plants, or big-bang enterprise-resource-planning systems–the standard approach is to build something monolithic and customized. Such projects must be 100% complete before they can deliver benefits: Even when it’s 95% complete, a nuclear reactor is of no use. On the basis […]

Photography Discussion 1

The impact the daguerreotype had on the middle class cannot be overstated.  Before the nineteenth century only the wealthy had the means to commemorate their likeness.  The daguerreotype was the great equalizer.  For the first time, everyday people could now make their own visual history.  In our age of smart phones, social media and selfies, […]

3 minute speech

Week 9 Assignment: Persuasive SpeechDue: Week 9Points: 180Skill(s) Being Assessed: Communication (oral, persuasion)Criteria for Success: In this assignment, you will: Deliver a presentation with clear and consistent audio (speech clarity) and visual quality throughout. Deliver a presentation of appropriate length (34 minutes). Develop a logically organized speech that includes all required components (introduction, main and […]

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