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Archive for June 19th, 2022

Wk 5 – Apply: Signature Assignment: Contingency Plan and Executive Presentation

Air BnB Project plans outline the intended course of events; however, things dont always happen as intended. Organizations need to consider risks and develop a contingency plan. This plan is typically presented to management. Based on your prior research, determine potential risk factors for not meeting each of the project objectives.Develop a contingency plan for […]

home work help

 For the Unit III homework , imagine you are the lead trainer for a global organization. Through data analytics and observations, you have noticed that employees across the organization do not share their knowledge with one another, whether that be from skills trainings they recently completed to general knowledge that could enhance the capabilities of […]

Evolution of Piracy and Corresponding Legislation

  Evolution of Piracy and Corresponding Legislation Prior to beginning work on this assignment, read Chapter 5 in the textbook and view the and videos. You must include at least one additional scholarly and/or professional source for your paper. You may wish to review the recommended resources for this week for assistance with this research. […]


Research about the interviewees business. Before you go to interview your chosen marketing professional, you need to do your homework first.  Study the background of the business and the general competitive market it is in can help you prepare meaningful and stimulating questions for the interview. THE INTERVIEW PLAN DUE ON JUNE 21 WILL BE […]

urgent very urgent answer in 30 min STATISTICS

A researcher wanted to know if there was a difference between male doctoral studentswho did there undergraduate work ata specificuniversity and wether or not these students were accepted into the same univs doctoral program. The research Q is – is there a difference between male and female doctoral students in regard to wether they are […]

Evaluate CPU, RAM, input, output, and peripheral devices as components used in system architecture.

  IT332-3: Evaluate CPU, RAM, input, output, and peripheral devices as components used in system architecture. Purpose Nearly everyone knows how to use a computer, but only a handful of users know or even show interest in what happens inside the computer. Throughout the past decades, the architecture has changed little; however, it is still far […]

Replies to two classmates.

 You must post two answers to your peer peers of 150 words. Turnitin is less than 15%.  Look these are two different replies.    Classmate #1 post:   Immigration Policy Reform The comprehensive immigration reform is a policy that first gained momentum in the year 2001 in the United States of America, which was meant to increase […]

Digital divide as a social justice issue

View the video at the following link to learn more about the Digital Divide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X537MiN6COI Next, read the following article about the global digital divide, paying careful attention to the introduction, discussion and conclusion while skimming over the methodology and analysis sections. Ayanso, A., Cho, D. I., & Lertwachara, K. (2014). Information and Communications Technology […]

745 REPl

2 different peer review papers 250 words each carefully read and provide educative peer reviewed reply for each paper that I will put in the chat I need it back in 6 hours At least 2 scholarly sources on each and 2 bible verses on each of the papers

Wk 2, MHA 506: Financial and Ethical Impact Analysis Summary

Assignment Content Throughout this course, you will analyze the Case Study: East Chestnut Regional Health System (ECRHS). Review the document. Assume East Chestnut Regional Health upper management has asked you to analyze its current marketing strategies from both ethical and financial perspectives. Use the as a tool to help you complete your analysis. Create a […]

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