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Archive for June 20th, 2022

API for App

Hello, I would like to know if you can help to indicate the requests (methods, url and description) necessary for the following application. If you can develop documentation in Postman The app is for organizations that help the elderly. Features include GPS tracking and task reminder

Cases (1 page each)

Case 1: Enumerating Systems on the Alexander Rocco Network After conducting enumeration of the Alexander Rocco network, you discover several Windows computers with shared folders for the Help Desk Department. Youre concerned when you access one of the shared folders containing information for help desk personnel and find an Excel spreadsheet listing e-mail addresses and […]

ethical misconduct

 Define ethical research. Give one example of ethical misconduct, give examples of why you think this. Provide one example of an unethical research study and state why it is unethical.  One and half page two to three references 

6520 WK4

By Day 3 Post a blog post that includes: An explanation of the role of supervision in your field education experience A description of your field instructor’s leadership style (HE IS ORGANIZED, KNOWLEDGABLE, AND A PERFECTIONIST) and an explanation of whether the leadership style will promote your agency learning agreement during your field education experience

6051 W4 Assgn2

The election of the first Black president in 2008 and the first Black and South Asian vice president in 2020 may have appeared to some that the United States was a nation beyond race. But these events sit alongside many others that paint an entirely different picture: the killings of unarmed Black men; waves of […]

6051 WK4 Assgn1

People conceptualize their racial/ethnic identities and respond to inequalities in a variety of ways. Social workers must never make assumptions about a client based on experiences with other clients of the same group. Each has their own storytheir own thoughts, reactions, and coping mechanisms. So how do you access that story? How do you gather […]

Planning a Computer Purchase

Planning a Computer Purchase For this assignment, you will research your computer needs and components for a computer system that meets those needs and complete a template to summarize your research.  Perform a web search for articles that will help you choose the right computer based on how you plan to use the device. Review […]


   45-year-old woman presents with chief complaint of 3-day duration of shortness of breath, cough with thick green sputum production, and fevers. Patient has history of COPD with chronic cough but states the cough has gotten much worse and is interfering with her sleep. Sputum is thicker and harder for her to expectorate. CXR reveals […]


  What are your thoughts about the role of homework during the initial stage of a group?  What kind of homework do you see as being particularly valuable? Discuss the purpose of group expectations. Create group expectations for your group. 300 words


200 words   What is the difference between a closed and an open group and what are some advantages and disadvantages for each? What are a few methods you might use in recruiting members? What issue would you want to explore during a pre-group interview? You have a candidate that is insisting on becoming a […]

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