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Label both parts

Part 1

Answer question :
Consider what you’ve learned about research ethics. How did the 3 Identical Strangers research violate research ethics? Was it worth the risk/impact? Why or why not? What could the researchers done instead? Your response should include a minimum of FIVE sentences.

Part 2

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Student Comment:
After viewing “3 Identical Strangers”, the first thing that came to mind was how ethically wrong these researchers were. These researchers violated research ethics by separating sets of twins/triplets and using them as science experiments without their knowledge nor consent. I believe that this experiment was not worth the risk/impact, because these men were faced with multiple mental health issues that could have been avoided or less likely to happen if they grew up together. I think that the researchers could have just not followed through with their research as the results of their experiments were never published. These researchers ruined the lives of many and did not have any second thought about it.

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